I work in the moment. And no, not the kind that is formed around pure aesthetics. I paint the authentic. Surrendering my feelings onto a surface is my way of suggesting that there is a personal narrative behind all of the vibrant and lively lines and colour. I represent time through change; the evolution of varying colour waves, sporadic mark marking, and the constant struggle of trying to reveal the contrasting moments amongst the haziness. I guess you could say that this is capturing my relationship with life on a canvas. The first impression of passion and energy then carefully wanders to afterthoughts of suppression and distraction. What is the story? Well, I think that is entirely different to each individual person. To simplify, you can think about my work from a mental health perspective. My paintings are internal battles, but when you take a second to stand back from what seems like a complete mess, it is actually a beautiful story.


My name is Chanel DesRoches and I am a recent graduate from the Studio Art program at the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours. I am a practicing multi-disciplinary artist working in painting, drawing, and printmaking. I work within a collective studio space in Downtown Guelph and have been actively learning how to navigate the life of an emerging artist!